The Original Cold Smoker Kit

$ 39.95

Cold smoke anything! Whether it is bacon, salmon, cheese, or veggies, The Original Cold Smoker Kit infuses the sought after smoke flavor into just about anything. From a quick smoked grilled cheese sandwich to a thoroughly smoked salmon filet or bacon.

The Original Cold Smoker Kit includes:

• Premium Grade Stainless Steel Smoker Box (that's where you put the wood chips)
• Heating Element (stays cold enough as to not overcook your food)
• Wrench / stir stick combination tool (use to stir the wood chips once they are smoking)
• 1 sample packet of wood chips (best for quick smokes)
• 1 sample packet of wood pellets (best for longer thorough smokes)
• Instructions with smoke flavor tips

The kit contains everything you need to cold smoke tonight's dinner or that jerky you are stocking up for the next few weeks.  Plug it in, put it in your grill or another enclosed container*, give it a few minutes and see The Original Cold Smoker Kit infuse smoke into whatever you are cooking.  Unlike the hot smoking approach, it won't overcook your food. The kit will most certainly impress your friends with that cold smoked meal you make for your dinner party and will serve as a perfect unique gift to present to any foodie or a novice cook on Father's Day, Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.


* outdoor use only

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